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We are so excited to host you at our 3rd annual Christmas Closet. This event is meant to show you and your family the love of Christ by taking away some of the financial burden of Christmas. The focus of Christmas is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and sharing gifts with our loved ones is one way that we can celebrate the Best Gift. 

A lot of things are changing this year, so PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INFO BELOW.
Please contact Leah if you have any questions.


Saturday, December 9th from 2-5 pm


Terrace Lake Church (4260 W 200 S)

  • Along with shopping, we will have a Christmas party for your family to participate in. Here is what will be included:

    • Delicious food & drinks

    • A posed family picture—come dressed up! (You can wear matching Christmas PJ's, dressy Christmas outfits, or whatever you want. There is no dress code for the church or the event.)

    • Creating a picture frame, as a family, for your family picture

  • Details about the shopping:

    • Each family will get 30 minutes (ONLY) to shop (if you have 5 or more children, you will get 45 minutes).

    • We will send out a preview list of the types of items available the week before. We ask that you spend some time before the event thinking about what you would like to purchase so that you can get all your shopping done within the 30 minute time slot. 

    • You will be allowed to purchase 5 gifts per child.

  • ALL kids-of all ages-will go to childcare while you are shopping.


What will my kids do while I am shopping? Your kids will go to a childcare room where they will hear the Christmas story about our Savior King, Jesus, then have free time until you are done.

How much should I expect to pay? All of the gifts in the closet are BRAND NEW, and will be discounted 70% off of the price paid to purchase it. If you purchase 5 gifts for your child, depending on the type of gifts, you can expect to spend $20-$80 per child.

How do I pay? You will pay immediately following your shopping time. You can pay by cash or card. 

What time should I arrive? You will get assigned a shopping time ahead of the event. Your time slot will be determined based on when you signed up and the ages of your children. You should come at least 30 minutes before your shopping time (unless you are in the 1st group) so that you can enjoy the food & drinks, have your picture taken, and make your family picture frame.

How will I get the family picture? Your family picture will be taken with a high quality, digital camera. The photographer will edit the photos and we will send you a digital copy, as well as mail you a printed copy for your picture frame.

What if I’m not in the first shopping group? Will there be enough “good” gifts for me to pick from? We have a large, high quality inventory of gifts. While we would never guarantee to have a specific gift, we do hope to provide items that work for your child within your price range…no matter when you shop.

If you have any questions, please contact Leah Sandlin: 

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