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Planning Center &

What is Planning Center & Church Center?

Planning Center is our church’s database management and scheduling system.

Church Center is the easiest way for you to interact with groups, signups, events, give online and much more.


Scroll below to see the great features of Planning Center at Terrace Lake.

Church Center


Church Center


The Church Center App is the fastest way to get information about Terrace Lake, browse & join groups, and register for events, give online.  This is also a place to engage with your Community Group, build relationships, and become a part of the Terrace Lake Family. 

Download images.png
Download images.png

The Basics

PC Mockup-Groups.jpg


You can view other ministries and groups, view your groups upcoming events, any resources group leaders have uploaded, and the contact information of other group members. You can also access and share materials, like study questions and videos.

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