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Welcome! We’re glad you found our site. However you found your way here—whether you attend Terrace Lake Church, have connected with us online, or just stumbled across our website—we’re excited to serve you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Terrace Lake Church

Who we are: Christ-followers being transformed by a loving relationship with Christ. What we do: We glorify God by growing in Christ, making disciples, and serving sacrificially. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us and all scripture is God-breathed it changes our lives to become more like Christ. It is our guide and thoroughly equips each of us for every good work. Everything we do is because of what Jesus has already done. We aim to create resources that are rich in theology, mission, and to edify and encourage believers to a life more fully devoted to Jesus. We value living a life changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make Jesus a part of our everyday story. Disciples making disciples.

Sharing Resources

Shepherding others is a humbling calling and a worthwhile challenge, and we feel a burden to share the things that God has taught us with you. This blog will be a means of discussing and presenting others with a wide range of resources as they strive to follow hard after Jesus. This can be a great resource, but the Bible, is the best resouce you have as a Christ-follower. We will use the Bible as the foundation of everything we share.

This will include:

  • Better understanding theology

  • Going deeper in our sermon series

  • Application for daily growing and serving Christ

  • A focus of the importance of the local church

  • How the Bible lays out our mission to serve those around us, our families, neighbors, a friend of a friend, as well as those around the world who need Jesus

To make this a discussion, we need to hear your voice as well. Email us anytime at or comment on the blog. You can also get in touch with us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @terracelake. Bookmark this page and let it be a help to you and others. It's good to share what you are learning.

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