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Coronavirus Update

Updated on 1.18.2021 at 2:00pm

As elders, staff, and leaders, we have been praying for you.

We are currently having in-person worship services. We know worship might look and feel different; however, we pray for you to come expectant and excited to see how God moves in this time. We care for you and love you. This is certainly a time we seek wisdom and unity. We are here for you. We want to pray for you and with you.


We encourage you to read the updates below and share a prayer request with us. We long to all be together again and are trusting in the promises God has given us as children of God. 


“Rest in the fact that the Lord’s purposes will prevail, both in our

church and in your life.” - Pastor Danny

Quick Reference

What we are asking you to do

If you are feeling unwell then please stay home.

Please take your temperature prior to coming to church and do not come if you have a fever. 

We ask that you were a mask while you are in the building. According to CDC guidelines, children under 2 should not wear a mask.

General Information

As appropriate Doorkeepers will be wearing masks and gloves. Since Doorkeepers will be coming in closer contact with attendees (holding doors open, passing out elements, etc) we are taking each of their temperatures before they begin serving each week. 


Sanitizer stations will be set up around the church for congregational use. Please take a moment to find one when you walk in.


When able, doors will be propped open to avoid contact.


Doorkeepers will be available to aid in moving or retrieving chairs, holding doors open, finding sanitizer, etc.


The Lord’s Supper will be distributed in prepackaged containers as you come into the Sanctuary. It will be handed to you from a basket by a Doorkeeper with gloves. Inform them upon entering if you will be participating in the Lord’s Supper. 


Physical cash or checks can be deposited into the available "Giving" box by the Sanctuary doors upon leaving. 


Many items in the Foyer will be removed to limit the amount of surface contact. And we are suspending our coffee service.


Doors that are closed should remain closed to reduce the spaces being used. If you need to access the nursing mother's room, you are welcome to do so. If you have kids in the service that need space to be loud or move around there is space in the East room for you as well. We want you to feel as comfortable. 


Please take note of the signage that will be posted reminding you of social distance guidelines and max occupancy of rooms.

Worship Spaces

The Sanctuary is laid out in a way that promotes social distancing between families. The seats have been moved from 6' to now 5' to give more options for families to sit and space out more if they would like.


To help engage your children, we will provide small bags of activities that you will take home or throw away after service. Please find a Doorkeeper if you are in need of extra bags. 


To reduce contact surfaces, Bibles and Hey! I’m Here! books will be removed. If you or someone you know needs a Bible, the hospitality team will be happy to give you one to keep.


After service, we ask that you be mindful of the team that is working to sanitize our spaces to prepare for the next service, it may become necessary to continue fellowshipping outside of the church building.

Sanitizing the Building

The sanitization team will come on Saturday to do a big sanitization sweep before Sunday.


Before 1st service, the team will do a once over on door handles and light switches that have been used.


Between services, they will go over door handles, countertops, bathrooms, and spray the chairs int the Sanctuary.


Worship team and media teams will have access to wipes so they can sanitize their equipment as often as they need.


After 2nd service, when all occupants leave, the sanitization team will complete another big sanitization sweep of the building. 


We have been working hard to ensure that we have an ample supply of sanitizer and cleaning supplies to ensure you walk into a safe and clean environment.

TL Student Ministry





What we need from you
General Information
Worship Spaces

TL Students' small groups are meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, the students are meeting for RISE, in the youth space upstiars.

All TL Student gatherings must be set up in a way to allow space between students. This includes chairs and other furniture spaced apart to allow for social distancing.

All games must be done in a way that will limit touching/ sharing surface.

All commonly touched surfaces are sanitized before and after every meeting. 

Food at events is served by someone wearing a mask and gloves.

TL Kids


Classes are open from Walkers to K/1 during the first service and Walkers to 6th grade during the second service. Currently the 3s and 4s classes are combined.

When children enter and leave their room, their hands are sanitized. 

Parents, Teachers, Helpers, Children 2 years through 6th grade are asked to wear a mask while they are in the building.

There is a one-way flow to help maintain social distancing and increase efficiency in dropping off and picking up children.


There will be no snacks during class time.

If you aren't comfortable with TL Kids just yet: 

We are providing activity bags for preschool children during our limited capacity services. These take-home bags will include paper, crayons, stickers, and other assorted items to help our younger children participate creatively during the service. For the elementary children, there are folders with age-appropriate sermon notes and activities. 


We will continue to email the lessons each week for all of TL Kids classes that they did on Sunday. That way you can follow the same curriculum from home throughout the week.


All classrooms are sanitized before the rooms are used again. 

Community Groups

TL Kids
Community Groups

Meeting Recommendations 

Encourage social distancing in meetings and fellowship afterwards. Suggestion: meet in a space large enough for people to be spread out (outdoors weather permitting, church). Meeting in homes may not be possible for social distancing depending on the size of your group.

  • Recommend that all adults wear masks during meetings, however, it's up to the discretion of each group.

  • Food is up to the discretion of each group. We recommend if you have food, to have someone serve the food while wearing gloves to limit the spread.

  • Can have one person on a zoom call on their phone for people not coming in person to C group. Suggest that the person rotates the phone to whomever is talking so they can see what is going on more clearly.


Childcare Recommendations

Classrooms will open for childcare.


Classrooms available: Walkers, 3's, and 2nd-4th grade (Walkers room doesn't have a DVD player).


If a group isn't comfortable with their children playing together, they could have women meet the first C group time and men meet on the second C group time that month so one parent can watch kids at home.


Consider using a video so kids can sit and watch something and not run around or touch each other as much.


Entering the church for C-Group meetings

In light of social distancing, please use the entrance closest to the room where your group meets:

  • Kitchen door for East Assembly Room

  • Main entrance for RISE room

  • Gathering room doors for Gathering room

Consider having a hospitality greeter from your group open the door so people don't have to touch the door or prop the door open


Cleaning after meetings

Wipe down door handles, tables, and other surfaces if used.

Spray chairs with Lysol.

Toys used in kid's classrooms need to be wiped down, as well as chairs/tables used.


  • What is the long term vision as we launch a new generosity initiative?
    Our hope is that REACH will help our church love God and love others. Generosity is an important spiritual discipline that God uses to challenge and grow each of us. We pray that REACH will help our church live generously for the purposes of God’s kingdom so that we freely give of ourselves to meet the needs of our church.
  • How does REACH impact our current missions and outreach giving?
    We consider everything we do at Terrace Lake to be missional. In terms of giving to specific ministry partners (whether foreign, local, or sent missionaries), we want to move beyond just writing a check. We want to invest more fully with our ministry partners by increasing our financial support and our physical support through service, prayer, and building relationships.
  • What if I am new around here?
    REACH is about loving God and loving others. We believe that the local church is one of the most exciting organizations to give to because of the local and global reach of an active church body. We would love for you to make Terrace Lake your home and join us in our pursuit to love God and love others.
  • What if I haven’t been baptized yet?
    Giving is a spiritual step in discipleship, and it comes at different times for different people. Just like any other spiritual discipline, giving draws us closer to God. Whether or not you have taken the spiritual step of baptism, we firmly believe giving to God’s purposes will draw you closer to Him.
  • What if I am unemployed or severely in debt right now? Am I still supposed to give?
    REACH is about loving God and loving others. It is also about our sacrificial generosity to the vision of Terrace Lake. We believe that God calls us to action in times of hardship, just as He does in easier times. This may mean God is challenging you to trust Him in faith by making a commitment that you don’t quite know how to fulfill right now, but that you believe God will provide for as you seek ways to sacrifice and work toward that commitment. It could be selling things, taking odd jobs, or utilizing savings. Giving generously isn’t about what God wants from you; rather it’s what God wants for you.
  • How will my “little bit” help? I don’t think my gift will make a difference.
    We believe that we can fulfill God’s will for Terrace Lake most effectively when everyone is living generously with their time, talent, and treasure. A gift chart is available for suggested ways to meet our goal if it is helpful for you to see how gifts at all levels make a difference. No matter how much you can give, one thing is certain: God is much more concerned with the heart behind your giving than with the amount. (Mark 12:41-44: The Widow’s Offering)
  • How do I know that the church is being fiscally responsible and being held accountable?
    The elders seek the vision of our church from God, interpret that vision and lead our church toward that vision. The Ministry Resource Council (MRC) takes that vision and determines how the church’s financial resources should be applied to reach it. Annually, the MRC (a team consisting of the treasurer, elders, church leaders and staff) develops the Ministry Funding Plan (MFP), which is essentially the church’s annual budget. The MFP is then put before the church membership for affirmation. Each question about the MFP is addressed before it is finalized. Additionally, the Treasurer provides quarterly updates to the church about our giving and projects that have been completed as a result.
  • What is the total cost of the building project? And how will we pay for it?
    The total cost of the building project is $6.5 million. We will need to take out a loan to get started on the project. After a thorough study of scripture, the elders have agreed that we should not be in debt any longer than 7 years. REACH will help us secure the loan and begin to pay for the building project. Based on the sacrificial giving of our people, the experience of past initiatives, and new people coming to the church, we believe that this building project, while it will be a stretch, is well within what God can do with our church when we seek to love Him with our whole heart and love others as ourselves.
  • Why is REACH necessary so quickly after the Thirst initiative?
    We accomplished much together in our last generosity initiative, Thirst, from 2015-2017. Each of our core discipleship ministries grew (Community & Discipleship Groups, TL Kids, TL Students, Biblical Counseling) and have been supported. The children’s ministry space has been finished. More staff were hired to meet the needs of a growing congregation. And, we continue to grow, which means God is at work! That is why we plan to join together again and live generously to reach for the vision for ministry God has given us.
  • What are other ways I can support the REACH initiative?
    REACH is about more than our finances and funding a building project, making it different than a traditional capital campaign. We want each person’s heart to be transformed by God to create a culture of generosity. Ask God to reveal to you what you are holding on to instead of releasing to Him. It could be your time, a specific area of service, or a certain habit you’ve been reluctant to give up. Seek to love God with your whole heart; you can trust Him to lead you!
  • Will I have the ability to designate to a specific part of the initiative?
    All giving to REACH will be undesignated. Your giving will be used for every need and project, just like your current giving to Terrace Lake.
  • Whom should I contact to discuss a gift of stocks, investments, or property?"
    Aaron Buchanan, Terrace Lake’s Treasurer, is able to assist with all such gifts. Contact Aaron at
  • What will happen if we miss our target of $4.2 million dollars over the next two years?
    We expect to reach the goal, despite the challenge it presents! However, if we fall short, we will adjust expenditures based on priorities determined by the elders at that time; no initiatives will be entirely eliminated. If, by God’s gracious provision, we exceed the $4.2 million goal, we will be free to reach even more, responding to His Spirit and direction.
  • Why does generosity matter? How can being generous change people’s perception of Christians and the church?
    When people outside the church see that we are eager to share what God has so generously given to us, they recognize that something must be different about the church. They see that we are living out what we say we believe. Quite simply we look more like Christ when we live generously. When we live and love others out of the truth of God’s love for us and His desire for us to be generous, not just with our finances but in all areas of our lives, everything else falls into place. We want to create a generous church body, one that walks into the world with open hands and a trusting heart in the One who owns it all.
  • Is there a meaning behind the REACH logo and design scheme?
    YES! The design of the REACH logo is based on the idea that there are 7 days in a week, which is our capacity to reach others. We are all in different stages in our journey, but we are all reaching for God. The design scheme helps support this idea that we are all in different places striving to live generously with the different colors and designs representing different people.
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