Coronavirus Update

Updated on 3.25.20 at 3:00pm

As we look to local and state officials for COVID-19 recommendations, we are making plans for the next several weeks of livestreaming our Sunday services. In the meantime, read the latest update letter below.

We will continue to keep you up to date and provide resources for you and your family. We want to hear from you! Let us know how you are.

Update #4

What can you expect from our church over the next 8 weeks?

Dear Terrace Lake family,

As we continue to put our faith in Jesus, who is an ever present help in times of trouble, and not let our fear control us, we are doing all we can to continue to communicate clearly and fully with you about what is happening at Terrace Lake. 
Please continue to read your emails to stay up to date.

Our worship services will be streaming only through Sunday, May 3rd. As of right now, we plan to resume regular worship services Sunday, May 10th. All of this is dependent on the government recommendations so there is the potential for services to resume sooner or later than this date. If it does change we will do all we can to make you aware of that.  

The services will “air” at 9am on Sunday mornings on our 
Facebook pageYouTube page, and website and then will be available for replay after that on all platforms. We also want to let you know that during each worship service we will be taking the Lord’s Supper together so you can prepare and have the elements ready at your home. It is important to engage in this unifying act as a church family even though we cannot physically be together. 

We also want to thank you for your continued generosity during this time. You can 
give online or mail a check to the church office (2460 W 200 S, Columbus, IN 47201). 

All TL Kids & Hospitality Doorkeepers scheduled during that timeframe (now through May 3rd) will not be necessary. Thank you for your heart of service! When there is a date of when we can resume normal worship services those ministry leaders will be in touch with you.




Now we would like to inform you of our upcoming events (through May 10th) and what the plan is for these events:

March 25th: Out of the Furnace Concert - POSTPONED. More details to come out when they’re available.

March 28th: Men’s Ministry Relaunch - CANCELLED. Please mark your calendars for the fall retreat (September 11-12).

April 4th: Campus Care Day - POSTPONED to June 27th for an outdoor only workday.

April 14th: Worship Night - CANCELLED. The next Worship Night is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th.

April 19th: Baby Dedication - CANCELLED. The next Baby Dedication Service is scheduled for Sunday, September 6th.

May 1-2: Women’s Retreat - CANCELLED. Please visit the Terrace Lake Shine Facebook Page for more details.

May 9th: Discovering Terrace Lake - CANCELLED. The next class is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th. 

May the Lord give us eyes to see beyond the boundaries of our suffering to love Him and our neighbors during theses times. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.

In fact, we would love to know how we can help and serve you right now, or if you have ideas of how you would like to support the church and/or the community! Please fill out the below and we will be in touch with you.

With love and care,

Terrace Lake elders & staff


UPDATE: Read the latest info on our response to the coronavirus